Humanitarian Crisis

Puerto Rico has been hit by one of the most devastating hurricanes in history, leaving 3.4 million US citizens stranded, without power, with scarce food and water and with very little hope.

Many have lost their homes, many parts of the island are still without communication or internet, so many families have not connected with their loved ones. From the footage we have seen, the flooding is catastrophic and there is no way to know how many lives Maria has claimed.

with the help of our brothers in Texas!

The Island of Puerto Rico was completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria, and every Puerto Rican in and out of the Island is heartbroken with the destruction and chaos left in its path. Millions of Puerto Ricans abroad asked for help immediately after the hurricane hit on September 20th, and the communities of Central Texas answered the call. We have established a strong, sustainable collection, storage, shipping and distribution network across 5 cities in the Austin metro area, and we’re just getting started. No matter where you are, here just some of the ways you can help:


If you are a private donor or a corporation interested in helping the people of Puerto Rico, here are the most urgently needed donations:

Food (canned food, nonperishables)

Water (bottled water, in any amount) and Purification Filters

First Aid / Medical Supplies

Flashlights and Batteries (any size, new, unopened)

Funds (Our volunteer team will need a lot of support to deliver these items on the island, while gas, transportation and shipping supplies can really add up to deliver over 50,000 lbs of supplies)

NONPROFIT STATUS is part of The Helping Society, Inc, recently incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Texas, in the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastating toll on the island of Puerto Rico (on September 20th). We are proud to join forces with several amazing nonprofits / 501(c)3 certified organizations across the US and Puerto Rico:

The Home of Miracles & Embraces (H.O.M.E.)

Sociedad Cultural Hispanoamericana

Support the Girls

Homeless Period Project


Please help us take our message further with our official marketing materials and press resources. Our team can also create materials for your own fundraiser.

Our team is working around the clock since the Hurricane hit, collecting, storing, packing and shipping supplies. Join us by volunteering so we can work more quickly.

If you cannot participate in any of our local efforts, please consider making a donation of any size through our online fundraiser.


To all our local partners, neighbors and friends in and out of Texas. 

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